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Yahoo! Widget / Re: Widget Displaying incorrect month
« on: April 01, 2010, 12:00:26 AM »
"My Upcoming Shows" for tomorrow onwards 1/4 are showing up as "Saturday, May 1" etc.


The last time this happened, it was a problem in the widget itself, and it was fixed in version 2.12. Can you please verify that that's the version you're running?  (The version number is at the bottom of the Settings page)  I tried both the Windows and Mac widgets just now, and they both seem fine, both for guide data and the dates on the My Shows tab. Although version 2.11 is definitely still showing the problem.


IceTV EPG Content / Re: Movie Prefix is not standard anymore
« on: March 22, 2010, 02:41:30 AM »
For example it can be "Movie-", "M-" or have no prefix at all.  

Yes, definitely check the setting on the My Account page, at the bottom of the TV Guide tab. When it's enabled, it will remove all "MOVIE:" and "Movie:" prefixes from program names.

If you're seeing "Movie-" and "M-", those are definitely not coming from IceTV. I just checked, and we don't have any program names with those in them. My only guess would be that they're coming from the broadcast data, although I agree that it sounds strange if you've checked all the channels. I assume you've checked that the inband data is disabled on all channels also?


It's an excellent point -- there's no way to do an exact name search. And you're right, the advanced search gives you the option of doing a phrase search such as "the simpsons", but it doesn't really help in the case of searching for "v" because it still matches any name that contains the letter v.

With that in mind, I just now added the ability to do exact name searches with a plus sign (+).  Hopefully that will solve the problem.

As an example, consider the search series:today, which matches several shows that contain the word "today" in the series name ("Today", "Today Tonight", "NBC Today", etc.). If you add a plus sign to the beginning, such as +series:today, it will now match just the single show "Today".

And for your particular case, you can now search for +series:v and find just the show "V". (At the moment you can even search for just +v, but you might get other shows with episodes named "V" also if there are any in the future.)

The Advanced Search page has also been updated, to allow you to search by "All words", "Phrase", or "Exact" on the title, series and episode. When you select "Exact" it adds a plus sign in front of the keywords.

And just for completeness, I also added the ability to do "negative exact match" searches, for the rare case where you want to exclude something with an exact match on the series or episode name. This is done by using both the minus sign and plus sign together (-+). For example, searching for +series:v  -+episode:one finds all shows with the series name "V" except the episode "One" (if there was such an episode). And if you have trouble remembering whether it's minus-plus (-+) or plus-minus (+-), don't worry, because they both work.  ;)

Give it a try and see what you think. At the moment it works on the main Interactive site, as well as the mobile site and the iPhone app, but it hasn't been added to the widgets yet. More info about searching is available on the Advanced Searching help page.

Thanks for the suggestion!

General Discussions / Re: huh... discount code will not work
« on: January 26, 2010, 11:15:21 AM »
I completed my survey on Wed Jan 19, but I haven't heard anything back from IceTV, either. Could have been a typo in the email address, but I don't think so. I've checked the spam folder in my email account, and it wasn't there (the original announcement of the survey was, though).

Yeah, I think you should have received it by now, so you might want to contact the sales team and get them to check into it.


General Discussions / Re: huh... discount code will not work
« on: January 26, 2010, 10:34:08 AM »

the code never arrive..

It looks like you did the survey last night. Since the discounts are sent out by hand, you'll probably receive yours tomorrow, when someone from the sales staff is back in the office.  Sorry for the delay.

By the way why did I have to register a second time to get into the Forum?

The forum uses its own set of usernames so people that aren't IceTV subscribers can login and ask questions also.

Also, this forum thread is a year old, so you might want to use a more recent one, or start a new one, if you have other questions about the survey.


Are we going to get the Advanced Searching as your news post suggests?

Yes, it's already supported in the iPhone app actually -- as well as on the main web site, mobile site, and in both widgets.  Only the main web site has the Advanced Search page where you can build the query by filling in the boxes, but all of the sites and apps allow you to manually type in search prefixes like "genre:", "year:", "repeat:", etc.  You can find out more about the available search prefixes on the Interactive Help page.



Forgot to mention it a while back, but this is now fixed.  The show details pages now display more info, including indicators for Black & White, Wide Screen, High Def., and all three genres.

The series details pages were updated also, and now display the year, rating, and genres.


IceTV EPG Content / Re: Wednesday is missing ?
« on: January 05, 2010, 03:04:02 AM »
Hi Mel,

Yes, I can see the problem too. (although when I use the next day button at the bottom, I do see the guide for Wednesday -- it's just the "Day" list at the top that's wrong for me)  It appears to be related to the fact that you're in Perth, and it's just before midnight -- but after midnight in Sydney.  The problem fixes itself as soon as Perth crosses over into the same day as Sydney, but we'll get it fixed in the program so it doesn't happen again. I'll post a followup here when it's done.

Thanks for reporting it,

IceTV EPG Content / Re: No 7TWO IceTV EP in the ACT
« on: December 25, 2009, 01:46:22 AM »
Central Coast should be 62 AND 72. Previous to Prime starting 7TWO it was (correctly) 72 only. Central Coast receives both 7 and Prime signals.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. Central Coast now has 7TWO on both LCN 62 and 72.


IceTV EPG Content / Re: No 7TWO IceTV EP in the ACT
« on: December 24, 2009, 05:49:13 PM »
Well, to be honest, I'm not sure what they're supposed to be, but since there aren't a whole lot of people working right now, and you sound pretty confident, I'm going to go with what you said, and we can change it back if necessary.  :)  The following regions have 7TWO on LCN 62 -- all others have it on 72. Let me know if you see any problems:

Central Coast
Darwin (on 62 and 72)
Gold Coast
QLD Regional (on 62 and 72)
Tasmania (on 62 and 72)
VIC Regional

IceTV EPG Content / Re: No 7TWO IceTV EP in the ACT
« on: December 24, 2009, 05:14:23 PM »
Ok, thanks.  I've changed it to be on 62 now in ACT.  See how it looks.


IceTV EPG Content / Re: No 7TWO IceTV EP in the ACT
« on: December 24, 2009, 05:07:43 PM »
Ok, is it supposed to be on 62 and 72, or just 62?


IceTV EPG Content / Re: No 7TWO IceTV EP in the ACT
« on: December 24, 2009, 05:03:58 PM »
Sorry guys, it should be in the ACT guide now as well. Let me know if you still have problems with it.


Hi, thanks for reporting that.  I see that the iPhone is also missing a couple of other things like genres and ratings in a couple of places, so we'll get them added soon.


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