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Title: Disney Cartoons Extra
Post by: Kirben on February 17, 2008, 02:53:28 PM
Could you please give more accurate times for Disney Cartoons Extra, and the movie that usually follows on Seven HD. As the listed end time for Disney Cartoons Extras, and the following movie/series never seems right.

Next week, Disney Cartoons Extra is listed at 12:00 PM, followed by the Alice in Wonderland movie at 2:00 PM. But the Alice in Wonderland movie is listed to end at 3:00 PM, when the movie is 75 minutes long! So the listed start/end times are clearly incorrect again next week.

Judging by last week, the Disney Cartoons Extras finishes about 1:37 PM, with the movie following shortly after, at 1:40 PM. So I would suggest using 1:40 PM, as the start time of any future movie/series, following the Disney Cartoons Extra.

I'm using Windows XP Media Centre 2005, in the Melbourne, region.
Title: Re: Disney Cartoons Extra
Post by: Mitch IceGuide on February 18, 2008, 10:14:36 AM
The short answer is no. You may have noticed we have started including the date as part of the episode name in response to requests. This gives each ep a unique name even though the same cartoons are being played. There is no way we can predict what times cartoons will be played when they are compiled as part of a hosted program i.e. Toasted TV, Saturday Disney. We do not make the programming decisions and cannot be held accountable for often dodgy scheduling practices by channels. Perhaps you're better off writing to the channels. In the meantime, we continue to respond to all practical and reasonable requests.
Title: Re: Disney Cartoons Extra
Post by: Kirben on February 18, 2008, 10:53:52 AM
I find that answer ridiculous, considering your don't use the TV guide data from the commercial TV networks. We are frequently told you compile your own TV guide for the commercial TV networks, based on watching the actual channels. If this was actually true, you should notice issues like this, and take them into account for future programming.

This request was for an accurate end time for Disney Cartoons Extra, and accurate start time for the following movie. It was not another request for listing the cartoons series on Disney Cartoons Extra individually, as I realize that isn't possible (after watching Disney Cartoons Extra for several weeks).

And since you mentioned Toasted TV: If you actually watched Toasted TV you would see the cartoon series shown are always divided up into 30 minutes blocks, so could easily list the individual cartoon series in that case.