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Title: Time Padding on TF7000HDPVRt?
Post by: DMT on August 17, 2007, 11:09:30 AM
Hi Guys

Ive recently installed the IceTV guide on my TF7000HDPVRt and so far so good.

My only issue is previously with manual set timers I always put a 5-10min buffer on the end of my recordings so wouldn't miss the end of the programs.

according to How to Operate iceguide with the Topfield Remote Control guide @

Auto-padding Auto-padding will automatically add a set amount of time to every recording you schedule (unless both tuners are occupied with other recordings). Note that the added time will not be shown on the timer until the show actually starts recording. With many programs running past their scheduled finish time, using this feature greatly increases the likelihood of recording the entire program. To use Auto-padding. o Press the “Exit” button on the remote while watching live TV to bring up the iceguide TAP menu.  The title bar will say "ICE EPG Loader". o While “Timer Padding” is highlighted press the “Left” and “Right” buttons on the remote to decrease and increase the amount of padding that will be attempted. o Press the “Exit” button on the remote to close this menu.

problem is the above says to press the exit button to get the iceguide TAP menu up but that seems to be for another model PVR as the remote of my 7000 looks different does anyone here know how to change the “Timer Padding” or get the iceguide TAP menu up on the TF7000HDPVRt?

Title: Re: Time Padding on TF7000HDPVRt?
Post by: Daniel Hall at IceTV on August 17, 2007, 12:20:28 PM
The guide you link to is specifically for the TF5000PVRt and the TF6000PVRt. The TF7000HDPVRt uses the guide in a different way (its all built into the firmware rather than via a TAP).

However in the latest firmware Topfield have added the ability to set a timer padding amount under the "PVR Options" menu under "System Settings" that should do the same thing.

We are also going through the support section with the intention of splitting the Topfield section to make it clearer which ones relate to the TF5000PVRt and which ones relate to the TF7000HDPVRt.