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Title: Unable to select ABC/SBS from guide
Post by: ChrisW on May 26, 2020, 08:08:28 PM
After a recent Skippa channel rescan, and later a factory reset, I'm having an issue selecting to view any ABC and SBS channels from the guide.

I can see the channels, logos and programs in the guide ok.

However when I try to select to view any of these from the guide I get the following message:
Channel is not available
The available channels can be seen by pressing i and then using the arrow keys to scroll left and right through the channels.
Unavailable channels are greyed out.

If I go to any 7/9/10 channel I can use the up/down buttons ok to get to all the ABC/SBS channels. I can also get to any ABC/SBS channel by keying in its number.

Timers for the affected channels record ok.

Looking at the channel list in Menu-Settings-Channels, I have two sets of ABC channels at 226.50MHz and 578.50MHz.
I also have two sets of SBS channels at 184.50 and 606.50MHz.

I'm assuming this is not right. I'm in Sydney, BTW.

The ABC 578.50MHz and SBS 606.50MHz channels have the "NO EPG" icon. I have used # to disable these channels.
If I don't disable the channel they show up in the guide with no logo and no programs, above the "good" one. However I then CAN select either of these from the guide and the channel does display ok. If I disable either of these channels I get the above message when selecting from the guide.

I'm assuming my problem is due to the two sets of channels after the scan, however I'm unsure how to rectify this.

Any advice, please?