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Title: PIMP Client
Post by: pgriffith on April 22, 2007, 01:42:00 PM
Hi guys,just a quick question regarding the PIMP client and the registry key fix.

How often does the PIMP client check for a change in the key and correct it.

The reason I want to know is I am getting a lot of no data for your region errors which I assume is the guide trying to update when the client hasn't reset the key.

So I'd like to know what internval it uses to check that key and schedule the guide update time appropriately.

Title: Re: PIMP Client
Post by: impact on April 25, 2007, 12:53:10 PM
Just thought I'd mention in case you not aware of it....

Pimp / Keep Key / Sim U Ant / Disable MCE Update is no longer needed to fix the registry key...

Mike Heyton from Microsoft has advised that the hotfix is now built and available that addresses the issue. Currently any customer can call into Microsoft support and request KB935685 even though there isnt a published KB at the moment. Microsoft support will send the customer the hotfix. But the customer has to know which KB to ask for.

Meanwhile the KB is being written and published that will contain a link to the hotfix. Once published, a customer will be able to look up the KB on the web, follow the link and download the hotfix.

So - hot off the press, if you ask for it - you get it - or wait a period of time to find it on the web. This disables the microsoft discovery service key change, so you can turn it off, so that it no longer is always looking at Microsoft for its MCE update.

Unfortunately it does not fix the other EPG problems we experience with the guide screw up.