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Title: Forum Email
Post by: kermit on May 06, 2005, 09:12:01 AM
I have setup notifications to send me email for all new posts across the following four categories: Annoucements, General Discussions, Ice XML Guide (General), and ICEguide for Topfield, however this morning I didn't receive an email from the forum notifying me of this new thread (ICEguide for Topfield category):
Should I have received one or is my notifications incorrectly setup?
Title: Re: Forum Email
Post by: Russell at IceTV on May 06, 2005, 09:37:05 AM

I have a feeling it's this forum program, not the way you have things setup.  It looks like when you subscribe at the board level (as opposed to the message/thread level), you can subscribe to either new threads or to all posts.  But I'm not sure it's working correctly, because I see that you're definitely not subscribed to the new thread you mentioned.

I see that YaBB just released a new version of the forum software, so we'll get that running and see if things are better.  Thanks for letting us know, hopefully we can get it working right.