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Title: The nightmare that is Vista
Post by: ncaross on February 07, 2007, 08:50:08 AM
If anyone can shed some light on the following I will weep with joy...

I move to a new house. I finally upgrade to Vista Ultimate (full retail version). I scan for channels and pick up two that work properly - the rest are stuttery and awful. IceGuide works fine.

The problem is the antennae.

Man comes round and fixes antennae - it works - my set top box has a full set of channels. My Media Center, however, scans and finds no channels.

Despite this, in the Edit Channels dialogue all of the old channels are still there and now they all work - including the HD channels. Brilliant. I link each channel to the Guide channels. This seems to work.

I press guide. It says there is no guide set up.

Running the 'set up Guide' process tells me there's no Australian provider.

I run Iceguide4MCE.exe.

This does not work.

I stumble accross the fix in one of these threads - leaving the iceguide4mce.exe wizard open while clicking back on the Postcode page and it works. I cancel scanning for channels because I have working ones already there. Big mistake. All my nice new guide configuration is gone. Also, my Live TV access to all my channels is gone. Repeating this process doesn't work. In fact, now Media Center is randomly scrolling around as though I've sat on the remote. I shut it down and go to bed.

Now, no matter what I do I can't get Vista's Media Center to recognise Ice anymore. Is there a way of totally resetting all the TV setups that you've done in the past? Something pretty horrible has happened and I point blank refuse to reinstall Vista again (doing that every 2 months on MCE 2005 was the bane of my life). I just want a bloody Media Center that works and doesn't require surgery dozens of times a year. Can anyone help, please?
Title: Re: The nightmare that is Vista
Post by: Shane on February 07, 2007, 10:46:46 AM
Sounds like fun (not).

Try as a first step going in and scanning for channels again - when it starts, tell it to stop, then "Delete All". Then go back and Reset Channels.

Once done, try the IceGuide4MCE installer again and scan all channels all the way. One other thing - are you running Vista 32bit or 64bit?

Title: Re: The nightmare that is Vista
Post by: ncaross on February 07, 2007, 04:20:16 PM
Thanks. That combo seemed to work a treat. I'll give it a week before something else goes wrong. Now to my other Vista PC. That one goes to sleep and won't even post afterwards. Yay.