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Title: Regional Guides Inaccurate of late
Post by: Dome97 on February 14, 2016, 05:09:43 PM
In particular the Wagga Wagga list.  There are so many incorrect listings over the past 4 weeks that I have to look at '' to find out what is actually on & then cross reference. Is there a problem somewhere in your system or what? Is the new organisation up to the task, I wonder? I 'only' lost about 3 years worth from the last mess up & now I'm paying to look up my own epg!

Since I must make manual recordings for all of these missing programs I have to wonder if there is any value in your service anymore. Please look closely at however you come up with your epg as I am about had it with this    :( .

Salt & The Sum of All Fears are just 2 examples on Go & Win on Sun 14th. There have been way too many of late just like them.

Sorry for rant, but...