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Title: Skippa Hardware
Post by: IanL-S on September 19, 2015, 11:59:19 AM
There is currently some uncertainty about the hardware (SoC) used by the Skippa (and how it compares to the Altech 9600t).

Some time back I compared the hardware specifications:

The PVR9600T apparently uses a Broadcom 7231 chip: CPU power: +3000 DMips; Flash Memory: 256MByte NAND; RAM: 1 GB DDR 3

The Skippa uses Broadcom 7241; CPU power: +3000 DMips; Flash Memory: 256MByte; RAM: 1 GB DDR 3

Not sure what the differences are between the two processors.

Update: the 7241 apparently has integrated wifi, but the 7231 does not.


The current specifications are given as:

Main CPU: Broadcom SoC; CPU power: +3000DMips; Flash Memory: 256MB; RAM: 1GB DDR3

It appears that the Skippa does not use a Broadcom 7241 SoC, since it is rated at +5000DMips and has integrated 5G WiFi Wireless (not dual band so it will not connect to older wireless Access Points) with 802.11 b/g/n/ac support. I have been advised by IceTV Technical Support that the Skippa's wifi is not on the SoC - it has a separate chip and is 802.11 b/g/n.

I have been unable to isolate a Broadcom SoC that has the specifications given (including HbbTV support). I could find only one that was 3000 DMips - the BCM7424 but it has "Distributed processing STB architecture featuring an additional 3000 DMIPS (total of 6000) of multiple high-performance subsystem processors and hardware" and apparently has integrated wifi. The only Soc I could find that expressly mentioned HbbTV support was the BCM7231 (which is only 2000 DMIPS). However I cannot confirm DMIPS rating for the BCM7231 on the Broadcom www site, so the 9600T may in fact be 3000 DMIPS.

The only Broadcom SoC's that I could find mentioning HbbTV support are the BCM7231 and the BCM7563.

IceTV technical support are hoping to be able to find out the model of the SoC used.