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Title: Rugby League.
Post by: amberfluid on May 03, 2015, 12:43:49 PM
I'm very disappointed that your TV guide still does not show the updated schedule for GEM Perth resulting in the cancelled Trans Tansman Rugby League Test on Friday night and it's now Sunday. I do admit that not too many other online guides have the correct information either but our Sony TV (FREE) guide (where it gets it's information from I have no idea) is correct this morning but yours is still not. I found out too late this morning that the Sunday Footy Show (NRL) has been moved 2 hours earlier as has the City V Country game and the Anzac test is now on in the standard Sunday game time slot starting 13:30. Fortunately I only missed 40 minutes of the footy show by the time I found out and not either of the two important games. I don't think this is good enough for a pay service.
Title: Re: Rugby League.
Post by: Paul55 on May 03, 2015, 01:13:57 PM
Even in QLD and NSW on the main channel, it is still wrong. This has been known about since Friday night. The FTA guides have the correct information.