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Title: Ice TV times out on 7510t
Post by: BigJilm on January 19, 2014, 01:25:32 PM
I recently purchased a 7510t in late December and ran the standard EPG for a few weeks before switching to the Ice trial.

I'm not sure if the benefits of Ice TV are really that great.  I like series recording and the standard EPG had that and it seemed to operate very well.

Another issue Ive found, is the timing of the Ice EPG.  We previously had Optus Fetch TV and record a lot of kids shows on ABC (Play school, Peppa Pig etc) and ABC were 99% on time with shows and we did not have to use any padding whatsoever.  Same deal with the Humax EPG, no dramas there.  Now however we've had Ice running for about a week and shows seem to be recorded around three minutes early (even with padding set to zero).

I know I can add padding, but that would interfere with multiple recordings starting/ending at similar times, particularly around prime time. Plus, sometimes its great to chuck 4-5 five minute peppa pig episodes one after the other and the padding time ends up being more than the five minute show. 

Anyone have a resolution for this?  Can you change the time manually on the EPG?