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Title: Scheduling error after small time change in guide
Post by: prl on November 04, 2013, 11:27:19 AM
I've currently got Would I lie To You (ABC1 21:55 Wed 6 Nov, ACT Guide) flagged with the yellow triangle in My Week (with the invaluably informative: "There was an error scheduling this show to device Xerxes. This show is part of a series recording." error message). It failed again after rescheduling the show on the IceTV Web page.

There is a timer on my Beyonwiz for 22:00-22:30, which was presumably originally set to the normal scheduled time, and then the failure happened when there was one of IceTV's time tweaks.

I've left the timer unchanged on the Beyonwiz, and I haven't tried to fix the problem by deleting the IceTV timer and reinstating it, ic case someone at IceTV would like to have a look.