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Title: ABC Content again - accuracy dropping
Post by: impact on August 31, 2006, 08:50:40 AM
This morning - IceTV reports that the Wiggles Show is on at 8:10am - yet the program changed, and as reported everywhere else it is now Fifi and the Flowertops on in its place. Now IceTv does report the correct show for tomorrow and subsequent days.

Now its not a late programming change, as the ABC had been advertising it for a week earlier...

Im just trying to understand what is going on? A huge supporter of icetv, yet am finding it at times frustrating with the quality of data with missed or inaccurate program names - especially at the start or conclusion of a series. In particular the frustration does center around the ABC because in other posts it has been mentioned that the guide data is provided by ABC. Yet the quality or frequency of this supplied data appears to be inferrior or the processes not adequate when compared with other print or non print guide data services.

The frustration extends to the extent that there is no acknowledgement, comment or discussion from icetv staff in these forums on recent posts to the matter either.....

Title: Re: ABC Content again - accuracy dropping
Post by: Mitch IceGuide on August 31, 2006, 01:12:26 PM
Yes, the Guide Data for ABC and SBS is supplied by those very channels. So the person here responsible wouldn't just make programs up ..... not disputing what you're saying though. Will take some time to see where the problem lies. You indicate a dramatic drop in accuracy. Would you mind giving a few more examples to help me track the prob. Thanks.