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Title: Hawaii 5.0
Post by: melmac on May 07, 2013, 07:07:53 PM

Last ep my machine(WMC) recorded was S03EP20 which was around the 22nd April but I'm hearing that channel ten may have flicked this onto a late Sunday night(5/5) slot. Was Ice aware of that? did they put it into the schedule? if so any clue why my machine didn't record it when I have a long standing series record for the show :(

Title: Re: Hawaii 5.0
Post by: Dave at IceTV on May 07, 2013, 07:46:18 PM
Network TEN killed off Hawaii 5.0 at the end of April. They replaced it with repeats of NCIS.

Season 3 Episode 21 is on Ten's site to view online, in 6 parts, here:

If you search the channel TEN website for when the next episode of Hawaii 5.0 is on it says:
"Coming Soon: Episode information currently unavailable. Please check back shortly"

But I doubt Australia will ever see the final 3 episodes of season 3.
Title: Re: Hawaii 5.0
Post by: Madeleine IceGuide on May 07, 2013, 10:38:43 PM

Yes, a new ep of Hawaii Five-O was in our schedule for last Sunday night. It was originally scheduled for Monday night but it moved to make way for a new David Attenborough series on Ten.

We amended our guide 3 days before broadcast, on May 2, as per this thread ...,3809.0.html

This ep was new (Series 3, episode 21) and series recordings should have picked it up. If yours didn't I think it might be best to call support so they can check why.

As far as we know, Ten will continue to show Hawaii Five-O eps on Sunday night but only on the weeks when there is no F1 racing, which is why there is no ep scheduled this coming Sunday. The next new episode should screen on May 19.

Hope that helps
Title: Re: Hawaii 5.0
Post by: melmac on May 08, 2013, 06:27:13 PM
Thank you Madeleine very helpful, I'll check the WMC log and see if that gives me any clues to what went wrong, last I checked the machine was successfully connecting to the net and updating my guide at 2pm each day.