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Title: Missing features
Post by: troykm on April 20, 2013, 07:15:12 AM
Hi all,

Im returning as an ice tv customer after 4 years with the tivo. The tivo has now died and can not be replaced. So i have bought the 1tb Humax as a replacement.

I spoke to tech support the other day and asked a couple of things and i just wanted them to be placed here so someone at ice may act upon them.

They are a few features that don't exist on ice yet, but did for tivo. The funny thing is the guy i was talking to (who was extremely helpful) when i asked about these features said "yeah people have been asking for those for years."


So that is why i will ask here.

1. A way to prioritise series recordings. EG: I want to record the Simpsons. But as the Simpsons is shown 850 times a week now on ten and eleven i want to give the Simpsons a low priority so that it will only record an episode if there is no conflict with higher priority recordings. Simple request. Apparently people have been asking for years, so why has it not happened? It only needs to be a basic Low/Normal/High priority system.

2. When a show is repeated, there needs to be a way to tell the series record to only record one episode. Now this is when a show is a duplicate - not a first run/repeat issue! EG: Grand designs abroad is shown at 6pm on ABC1 - the same episode is shown again in the early hours of the following day. There is no way to tell the series record to not record both. As the 'series' has been on tv before, all episodes show repeat so selecting first run only just records nothing. Surely this can be fixed by simply reading the episode name as well as the show name and not recording the duplicate?

3. Following from #2, in this situation where a show is set to series record and there are duplicates over the week, why cant the ice tv software use those duplicates in its decision of when to record? For instance, Show A is on at 7pm weekdays, but is also repeated at 4am weekdays too. You set 2 other recordings/ series record for 7pm weekdays too so now there are 3 shows. The humax only has 2 tuners. Why cant ice tv see that "ok i cant set timers for all 3 shows, but thats ok, show A is repeated the next morning and i can set that show to record then, and this will allow the other 2 shows to record at 7pm, resulting in no conflicts"

All those have been available on the tivo and i would love them to be implemented on icetv. Having been told that many people have requested those very features over the years but icetv  have not added them does not fill me with confidence however. Perhaps now that tivo have folded, icetv might start to add those features, there will be a lot of tivo customers looking for a replacement in the next year or two. If they were added then the Humax would beat the Tivo in every way.
Title: Re: Missing features
Post by: prl on April 20, 2013, 12:12:18 PM
Your request 3 has been recently requested (,3768.0.html) independently. The replies seem to indicate that people like the idea.
Title: Re: Missing features
Post by: troykm on April 20, 2013, 02:48:38 PM
Hi Peter,

I don't think that is the same thing. His post refers to first runs and their repeats. I'm talking about any and all shows. As ice tv use the term first run to mean only the first time ever a show is broadcast, and not the first time each subsiquent run, my request is different. That's why I used the word duplicate and not repeat.

Btw are you pgdownload on dtv? :-)
Title: Re: Missing features
Post by: prl on April 20, 2013, 03:06:43 PM
Btw are you pgdownload on dtv? :-)
No. Oddly enough, I'm prl on the DTV forum. :) And on the Beyonwiz forum.