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Title: PIMP update frequency
Post by: jim5055 on August 16, 2006, 06:50:28 PM
Just a note:

Since I slowed the PIMP update to every 15minutes (instead of 5 minutes) I have had far fewer issues (none in fact) of MCE saying that the "Guide data cannot be found, do a manual guide reload or restart MCE" or words to that effect.
I suspect that the 5 minute update increases that chance of a PIMP update and a MCE access of the guide?

ps this issue also manifest itself as a PIMP reports error of "! System Descritpion: GetProgramForShceudling at . . . etc"

Running PIMP at present time.
Title: Re: PIMP update frequency
Post by: peterparkinson on May 30, 2010, 08:09:07 AM
can you explain PIMP and what it is... thanks pete..

Im having problems with TBBT (thats the geek way of saying The Big Bang Theory)
In townsville here, its on 2 episodes together. and so it records like two shows separate.. all good.
However one show is cut off towards the enad while the other is longer, having the end of the first episod, the second episod,, with the last 1 minute cut off... I adjusted the buffer from 1 minute start and end to 2 and 3 minutes respectfully..