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Title: Topfied 2460HD EPG data
Post by: domino1352 on March 14, 2012, 05:23:59 PM
For some reason the Topfield 2460 does not display the actor/actress detail for the movies ,
but the data is available online,
is their away to modify the EPG so that this extra data is included ?

I have confirmed that my device is set correctly on my ICETV Account.

Do other users of the Toppy 2460 see the same issue? i.e have I stuffed up...

Title: Re: Topfied 2460HD EPG data
Post by: IanL-S on March 15, 2012, 02:37:34 PM
You have definitely NOT stuffed up. As far as I know this information is not displayed on any Toppy that supports IceTV Interactive. Definitely not the 7100+ or 2400. I suspect the same is so for the old 7100 as well. There are two possible explanations for this, the data is not included in the data downloaded to the Toppy or the it is downloaded and dose not display. There is a known firmware issue with all TMS Toppys, running both IceTV EPG and free-to-air EPG that some, in some case all, of the extended program information is not being displayed. Not sure which if any of these is the explanation; it could be a combination of both of these possible explanations.


Title: Re: Topfied 2460HD EPG data
Post by: JPP on March 15, 2012, 07:44:54 PM
If however you run an App or TAP called JustEPG on the Toppy and use it's separate XMLTV feed from ICETV, you get to see all the info as well as being able to see if a show is a Repeat.