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Title: ICEBOX 2 for sale
Post by: voodoo on July 18, 2010, 02:12:05 PM
been a while since i used the old girl and having a clean out in the carport ive come across the old faithful topfield pvrt5000 and
ICEBOX2 router box thingy it doesnt have any ariel on it . no idea where it is... but i think its just a standard wireless socket on the back of it so you should be able to plug any old type in it.
when i used it i had an aftermarket signal booster connected to it . .

Although the Toppy is spoken for, the ICEBOX2 is available if anyone needs a spare and willing to sell it cheaply.
as far as i know its in working order.. it still has the original power supply also.

Are these things still used with ICEtv ?

It powers up fine, but i cant remember the static IP i set it and forget how to log in.
but someone who's a little more savvy will get back into the web interface . .

Anyone interested, flick me a text or call me on 0419 035 281,  i am a shift worker so don't be surprised if i don't answer straight away . .
if you contact me i will get back to you .