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Title: Icebox2 Experiences So Far
Post by: RogerTF1 on April 17, 2006, 10:57:48 AM
Just my experiences. I set up the IceBox2 on Thursday and have been very pleased with it. I dont have a lot of experience with network setup but muddled my way through. I cant work out how to download files from the toppy using the file manager but ftp with  FileZilla works fine. It seems to download on my network at about 530 kB/sec but if I turn the toppy off during a transfer it shifts to about 690 kB/sec. The transfers are slow but the trade off is that I can do them now overnight without mucking around with cables. The downside of the second mode is that it will only download the first file in the FileZilla queue at the higher speed before realising that the topp is in standby and stopping the transfer. I dont know if there is an issue with the error checking on big files- I transferred one file from the toppy to the computer then changed the file name and sent it back. It wouldnt play all the way through. I transferred it back to the Toppy a second time and it did work that time. I understand that the file transfer is still Beta.
'Very happy with the 7 day guide. I fiddled with a couple of epg viewers and so far have found the JustEpg is the best for me. All up very happy with the $219 purchase. Of course I am having a problem today - I cant get a manual or automatic fetch of the iceguide to work. I am getting this response from the icebox when I try an epg fetch    /bin/sh: echo: Argument list too long /bin/sh: echo: Argument list too long  
time sync fail
I dont know if that is because of my fiddling with the settings or if there is an ice problem over Easter - perhaps the epg has only been updated to Friday night (?)- we'll see tomorrow.
Title: Re: Icebox2 Experiences So Far
Post by: RogerTF1 on April 17, 2006, 12:49:03 PM
And to answer my own question about not being able to sync over Easter - if you use the correct password you don't have as many problems... :-[