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Title: ONE EPG using TEDS Suite for Perth
Post by: pandem on March 26, 2009, 05:33:13 PM
Hello All,
I use IceTV to provide the EPG using TEDS suite for my Topfield 5000. TEDS downloads all of the SD channels in Perth except ONE - the SD version of ONE HD. From other Forums I have been told that IceTV assigns a number for each channel that in unique to IceTV. For example ONE (SD) in Sydney is 1700, so I’m told.
What I would like to know is the IceTv number for ONE in Perth.
In the TEDS suite it has a configuration file called iceguide.ini and it contains the line

The format maps the IceTV channel number to the LCN in the Toppy.  From that I can see that 26 is for Ch#2(ABC), 37 is for ch#22(ABC2) and IceTV#99 is for LCN 1. LCN 1 is ONE HD. Just to see what happens I used 1700 to LCN12 which should be ONE. It did’nt work.
Can anyone help in providing the IceTV unique identifier for ONE in Perth please?

Title: Re: ONE EPG using TEDS Suite for Perth
Post by: tonymy01 on March 26, 2009, 08:46:46 PM
You should be asking more specifically as per the information I gave in my post on the Topfield forums.
So you should be asking:
I am using ICE XML source for my Topfield to TED/S, and want to know the "channel id" for ONEHD and ONE Digital Perth.

This should do the trick for anyone that can help.
Does ICE have EPG for those channels in your interactive/online web?  You may even be able to view the source of the webpage that shows you the ICE EPG to get the "channel id" details.
Also remember ICE is not going to be accurate just yet for either of the "One" channels as they are not allowed to simply blanket copy the TV guide published by HWW.
Title: Re: ONE EPG using TEDS Suite for Perth
Post by: Daniel Hall at IceTV on March 26, 2009, 10:20:25 PM
Its also worthwhile to note that as long as when requesting the XMLTV guide feed it is not limited by a set channel list (and just gets all channels in the region you have specified under the My Account section of the IceTV website) then the guide listings will be there, and at the top of the downloaded file the IceTV channel ID is listed as part of the channel definitions.

While I have it open though...  ;D

One HD Perth is 99 (as you have listed) and
One Digital Perth is 1698 (which in that list would replace 1700).
Title: Re: ONE EPG using TEDS Suite for Perth
Post by: tonymy01 on March 27, 2009, 12:11:09 AM
Hi Daniel, and thanks for replying, and excellent help to give the correct channel ID for him.
The o.p problem though is that they asked for things to be explained clearly over on the Topfield forums, to avoid confusion as they aren't experienced in doing any kind of low level stuff like this.   So I showed how to open the listings.xml file for the info, but it appears that the PC application TED/S downloads this listings.xml file and zips it up with a password so it can't be accessed easily (but means the poor end user is scratching their head trying to work out what it is and how to open the xml file and how to interpret all that junk in there and what is the meaning of life etc).

I guess I could have explained how they can download the listings.xml from here.... oh well!  I always like explaining things the hard way :-)

Title: Re: ONE EPG using TEDS Suite for Perth
Post by: pandem on March 27, 2009, 02:30:14 PM
tonymy01 - One reason for proceeding the way I did was I need to firstly know the basics. I could not find in a plain english sentence describing what that number was. Now I know it as the ICETV Unique identifier for the ONE EPG in the region of Perth. As you were not able to answer in the other place what the number was, my next step was to ask IceTV. After nearly 30 years as a hardware computer engineer there are lots of things I don't know. But I do know that if I ask a basic question I will get a little bit of the final answer. If the person I'm talking to cannot answer the whole question I will go and find someone who can add a bit more. Works for me.

Daniel - Many thanks. Yes, of course you are correct, the IDs are in the source for "My Account" and it works just fine.
Now I have ONE in TEDS for Perth.

Again Thanks to you both