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Title: Where has all my Ten/TenHD series gone this week?
Post by: tonymy01 on March 19, 2009, 10:51:49 AM
I have been having some issues with Interactive this week.   It all started on the weekend, with my keyword recordings for Dexter.   For some reason, ICE created timers for both SD and HD, thus I missed out on 24.
Now NCIS wasn't recorded on Tuesday, and I noticed last night that in both the Widget, and on the Interactive Web, I didn't even have a red dot for House.   When this has happened in the past, a quick look at the guide has shown the eps are/were repeats, but both NCIS and House were not repeats (my Topfield 5K, which uses an open sourced recording scheme called PerlTGD, using ICE XML, had recorded NCIS, so this is what alerted me that it wasn't a repeat, as I tell PerlTGD not to record repeats).
I tried the one off "record" option for House that is presented on a show that is part of a series recording, and it did not queue a timer to the Wiz.   I had to set the timer from the Wiz EPG last night for House to get it to record.
I just looked at "My Upcoming Shows" and I notice that Dexter for next Sunday night has "series recording failed" for the double eps too (I use keyword recording for Dexter as it chops/changes from SD to HD regularly).
I use normal series recording for "this channel only" for NCIS and House, did Ten have NCIS on OneHD on Tuesday night?   This would be another good feature to add, the ability to go back into the past for your guide, so I can determine why things did the things they did (e.g. marked as repeat, not scheduled for that night etc).
What is going on?
I guess, I had better make sure all my "this channel only" shows are edited to be keyword recordings (in case I forget before One goes 24x7 TLA garbage sport).   But then I will pick up repeats... which I really don't want, esp with all those silly eps of repeated NCIS on other nights.

Oh, edit:
"The Biggest Loser", also setup as a keyword record, is working fine.   I see timers uploaded thru to next Monday, and "queued" red donuts to next Wednesday (strange that I get the Wiz to wakeup daily at 4am for 15mins, it should have surely Tuesday uploaded, when did the Wednesday queuing happen?  Or does your system suddenly show queued for a couple of days at a time sometimes).