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Title: "24" tonight
Post by: tonymy01 on March 08, 2009, 09:08:55 PM
Argh, just looked at to try to find when 24 is on tonight, because I see in my ICE widget a lovely red dot against "Infamous Assassinations" now!?!?!   I see 24 is showing on 7SD according to the Widget, but only for 30minutes.   So over on yahoo7, with the "whats on now/later" junk, it shows no 24 on at all tonight.   So I pull up the full yahoo7 guide, and finally find 24 on 7SD at 11pm for 1hour (showing "Hot Pick" in the guide, what a joke that is, shafting it left right and centre off HD and moving timeslots on SD and not bothering to show it in the now/later "Primetime TV Guide"...oh, because that finishes at 11pm.. stupid thing).
This is most annoying what Seven and Ten are doing with HD at the moment, I hope ICE you are able to keep up with this garbage.
Any reason why my Widget showed the timeslot on 7HD that 24 was meant to be in lit up??
Title: Re: "24" tonight
Post by: tonymy01 on March 09, 2009, 10:22:56 AM
I wish I had the time to check the Interactive web and/or the Beyonwiz before I clicked the 30min show to choose the "record" option on the Widget, as when I decided to cancel this recording (from the widget also, as it was only for a 30min slot so I was going to do a manual timer on the Wiz) the red dot for the "Infamous Assassinations" disappeared from the widget but the dot on the 30min show remained.   The Wiz recorded the 1hour show on 7SD fine, so don't really know if this was from any fiddling or it was always destined to record this on 7SD and interactive had correctly deleted the 7HD slot but the Widget was showing old data or something.
The Widget really needs an overhaul as it should not be showing something that doesn't match reality...
Title: Re: "24" tonight
Post by: martymonster on March 09, 2009, 12:26:12 PM
I found that all week, Ice said 24 was on HD at 22:30.
Finally, Ice said it was on SD at 23:00.
I use Keywords for 24 recording so during the week it had set 24 to be recorded at 22:30 on HD.
During the week, I was checking the Ice Guide My Upcoming Shows and comparing it with my BeyonWiz S1.
I manually change my S1 to record 24 on SD at 23:00 as Ice was not changing it.
Well, come Sunday night, I checked the S1 whilst watching other shows and guess what, there was NO 24 set for recording.
It appears that Ice sent deletes for it.
At 22:30 I manually set 24 for recording using the Guide on the S1.

Since this is a paid service, something is pretty poor in this department.
Why can't Ice send a Delete for the incorrect recording when changes are made to the Ice Guide and then send a Record msg for the new Date/Time?

This Ice thing is meant to be a set and forget type of thing, but we constantly have to check the actual To Be recorded info on the unit to make sure that all is correct and working.