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Title: icetv widget on mac does not record
Post by: firetitan on March 08, 2009, 01:32:43 AM
Hi All
Maybe you an help

I installed the latest version of the icetv widget on my imac.
When I select a program and try record from the widget and select my device eyetv it says it does it , but it does not record
I go back into my eyetv program and under recordings I find nothing
Scheduling a recording in my eyetv program works no problem

Any ideas ? , the only thing I can think of is that my imac went into sleep mode and therefore did not record?
But I also tried to record a current program while I was watching and no luck

Any guidance would be great :)

I am signed up for the one month free icetv subscription and have a valid account and am getting EPG updates

I also see a red dot after I ask for the program to record.

How can I check that it is actually recording?