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Title: Mentalist on Wednesday 25th Feb
Post by: Andy on March 04, 2009, 12:24:00 PM
Hi Ice,

Can you tell me what happened to this show in the Guide.

I've been on holiday for two weeks and it was the only show not to record which was a big relief after the issues with Channel Ten the week before we left.

In the Vista Recorded History it shows the the title says something like "The Mentalist RESHEDULED" and Microsoft decided that the episode should not be recorded on both media centres as it had already been recorded. We were in Perth and they screened an episode that night as we caught the closing titles but perhaps in Sydney it was not shown?

All the best,


Title: Re: Mentalist on Wednesday 25th Feb
Post by: Madeleine IceGuide on March 10, 2009, 08:22:39 AM

Sorry, I missed seeing this thread...

This episode of The Mentalist was originally scheduled during the week of the bushfires and then switched at the last minute (presumably because the storyline involved arson). "Rescheduled" seems to have been added to the ep title when it was scheduled again so various pvrs wouldn't think it was the same episode and fail to record. This should have worked, despite the episode being scheduled twice, so I'm mystified as to why it didn't record on your system.

Title: Re: Mentalist on Wednesday 25th Feb
Post by: Andy on March 10, 2009, 11:26:10 AM
Hi Madeleine,

Thanks for getting back to me. It doesn't look like I missed much in this case as the preview at the end of the previous episode looked pretty dull :)

I'd agree that the difference in episode title should have worked and I'd have thought it would, but maybe Vista examines the "first shown on" date and matched it to an episode shown and recorded on that date with the same name in the title (even if what was in fact recorded was a news broadcast). If that's the case then it's clearly not entirely sensible, but then this is the wonderful world of Microsoft and it may make sense in the US.

Is it possible for you to look into this as I'm pretty sure I've had this issue before with 24 and had to manually intervene to tell the media centre that the episode previously shown and recorded was not in fact correct and as I'm sure this will happen again in the future, although hopefully not due to any disasters in the world.

Possibly you could try removing the "First Shown on" information since it has not previously been shown to break the link?

All the best,