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Title: Randomly Scheduled shows
Post by: podge on September 30, 2008, 07:00:01 PM
I've recently signed up for IceTV and so far liking what I see. However I've noticed icetv remote seems to be getting a bit confused sometimes. Just tonight I looked on it, and when I check my upcoming shows, I seem to have Thank God Your Here scheduled as a single recording (it's a queued single recording, i.e. non-filled in single dot) on Sunday, Oct. 5th.
Now I never scheduled this to record, and when I select it and choose to cancel this episode it goes away, but instead Friends on Monday, Oct 6th shows up as a queued single recording. If I then click my upcoming shows again, without changing anything else, Friends goes away and Thank God Your Here is scheduled to record again...

I had this sort of problem before. After something decided I wanted to record a show called "Temporary Close" on ABC2 that ran overnight, I tried to cancel it on the icetv site and from within media centre, but it kept coming back. I turned my computer off that night anyway, so it never recorded. However after that I discovered in the support pages steps for clearing the cache of the icetv interactive application. So I went to the website and canceled ALL my recordings. Shut down ice tv interactive. Cleared everything in the tasks and jobs directories. Loaded media centre and deleted every scheduled recording task, and cleared the recording history. Then starting IceTV Interactive up fresh again, went back to the ice tv website and rescheduled my recordings. Things seem to have been going ok for a few days, until now this has shown up again.

Trying to think what I might have done to cause this, previously I had the iPhone app, with recommendations turned on. I had wondered if the recommendations feature had decided these shows were ones I might REALLY like, and would even record them for me, so I turned the feature off. After resetting everything as detailed above it seemed to be fine, until recently I turned the recommendations feature back on. It could just be coincidence, it could be the iPhone app in general, or any other number of things. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I noticed a thread over at ( where someone seemed to be having similar problems, although there are no replies to that thread...

Anyone suggest any debugging steps I should take to try to find the cause? I can supply my IceTV Interactive log if that will help (I cleaned it out during that big reset I described above).
Title: Re: Randomly Scheduled shows
Post by: podge on September 30, 2008, 08:54:57 PM
Just further to this. I've just noticed the NCIS series recoding I have set. The show had been scheduled to record tonight, now all of a sudden it has gone away. When I select the episode in question, if I attempt to hit the record this show button, I get no error messages, but no red circle will appear...

Although I had managed to removed the randomly scheduled show. It had changed to a show later that night night (I can't remember what). If I select cancel on the show, when the page reloads, it would have moved to a later show then being scheduled. If I refresh the page, or take some time to cancel this second show, when the page loads again, the first show is listed again. By being quick enough canceling the shows, after canceling the first, a second one appears, I canceled that and a third show appeared, I again canceled that, and finally the show went away.

Maybe this is related to the episode of NCIS no longer being scheduled... could canceling this random show have been confused with the episode of NCIS?
Title: Re: Randomly Scheduled shows
Post by: crispin on September 30, 2008, 11:15:42 PM
Ditto - my "upcoming shows" is displaying a number of shows that I never have, or would!, record - strange and annoying.
Title: Re: Randomly Scheduled shows
Post by: Daniel Hall at IceTV on October 01, 2008, 11:25:19 AM
We are currently looking into this issue.

This however looks like be just a display issue at this stage, the timers are being set correctly in the database, but for some reason they are being displayed incorrectly in the Upcoming Shows page and TV Guide pages of IceTV Interactive.
Title: Re: Randomly Scheduled shows
Post by: Daniel Hall at IceTV on October 01, 2008, 03:11:12 PM
The good news is that this display issue has been resolved now so all timers should be showing up correctly under the IceTV Interactive webpages.

Please let us know if you still experience issues.