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Title: Quickguide Testing
Post by: Shane on February 02, 2005, 10:23:48 PM
So far (after a few initial hurdles) everything is running well. Some things I have noticed are:

1. Cannot use the same channel data for different channels (ie "1" and "10")
2. Data for Channel 1 and SBS 1 in Sydney (not sure for Melb) seems to "loop" at the end of the 7 days. So if I go to that last days (just as it turns to no data available messages for 2, 7 & 9) Channel 10 and SBS data begins again with 7 day old data. Not sure if this is an ice issue or Quickguide (or me).
3. Need to make sure when you install that the facility to auto update the guide data in MCE is turned off (it is on by default). Not sure if this can be added to the registry hack or not.

I am also working on a batch file that will check for excess XML files and delete them before updating the data (otherwise we'll end up with a PC clogged with excess & redundant xml data). I'm going to try and ensure it checks for internet access first so it doesn't delete your guide data if there is no way to download more!

Then I'll put my install prpcedure together which may help with the install manual.

Title: Re: Quickguide Testing
Post by: Shane on February 03, 2005, 12:02:13 AM
OK - here is my batch file. This makes the assumption that you copied all files & directories from the Quickguide Binaries folder, as well as the "webget.exe" file into the C:\Windows\ehome directory. The actual batch file is attached, but the contents are copied below.

You will need to replace the "<username>" and "<password>" with (you guessed it) your username and password for the icetv server. You will also need to change "icetvguide.xml" to the name of the XML file you have setup in QuickGuide.exe.config.



ECHO You have an active connection to the Internet - EPG update proceeding
cd C:\WINDOWS\ehome\output
del *.xml
cd C:\WINDOWS\ehome\
webget -u <username> -p <password> -o icetvguide.xml
quickguide /batch
goto end


ECHO Internet Connection not functional - EPG update aborted
goto end