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Title: Upgrade question
Post by: pszilard on September 23, 2008, 03:46:57 PM
Current setup:

I am thinking about upgrading and need advice please.

The Mediagate 350HD just can't stream video on wireless, even though my HP laptop had no problems on the same 54MB link :(
I would like to go HD, but want to have good connectivity and EPG.

Q1: What would be the best dual tuner PVR solution? Is the latest Toppie or a Beyonwiz the best?
Q2: Can one built a Media PC that is superior? I build PCs regularly, so the question relates to the PRV s/w - would any Windows Media based s/w equal or better the comercial PVRs?
Q3: Is there a dual tuner PVR with DVD BURNING feature? If so, could it be used to convert old VHS tapes, or only burn digital recorded programs?