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Started by peterjcat, February 11, 2008, 01:40:22 PM

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I notice that on the Sydney guide, the two-hour premiere of Channel 9's Underbelly this Wednesday from 8:30 pm is listed as being HD for the second hour but not the first hour. I don't have any inside information on this but it seems unlikely. Maybe it should be flagged as HD for the whole two hours so that it appears on the 9HD guide and we can record the whole thing?

That's if it's not cancelled by the Supreme Court, of course.


Mitch IceGuide

It does seem unlikely doesn't it. Good idea. Done.


It was listed as HD in Tasmania on WIN, but wasn't shown. It WAS on SD WIN, so I missed it. This happens all the sodding time with WIN and SCT. Please sort this out IceTV!


I recall seeing posted (can't remember whether here or the Beyonwiz forum) that the 9HD feed is national, and because they can't show Underbelly in Vic, they don't show it anywhere. Don't know for certain whether that's correct.
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Mitch IceGuide

Information that is reliable for ALL regions is scarce when it comes to HD. That's just the facts. I'm sorry your'e having a hard time down in Tassie, but when we're thrown a tangled ball of wool every day, sometimes you'll get a knot. How about you get onto WIN & SCT?