Sunday May 22, SBS HD, Cycling issue

Started by grumpy_geoff, May 22, 2022, 12:37:07 PM

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IceTV guide has -
3:30pm Cycling: Tour Of Hungary - Highlights
4:20pm Cycling: Giro D'Italia - Highlights
4:30pm Cycling: Giro D'Italia - Highlights

There is no such 4:20pm program according to SBS online guide -
3:30pm Tour Of Hungary 2022 Highlights
4:30pm Giro D'italia Highlights 2022

GaiO IceTV

Hi Grumpy_geoff,
I am aware that SBS guide is not showing the 10 minute 4.20pm Winning Highlights programme, however at least two other guides are advertising it and the programme details were received from the SBS directly, so assume it is correct. 
Cheers Gai


It is not in SBS' FTA broadcast EPG, which is -
15:30 Cycling: Tour Of Hungary 2022 Highlights
Highlights of the 2022 Tour of Hungary cycling event featuring 23 of the World's biggest and strongest cycling teams. International cycling 2022.

16:30 Cycling: Giro D'italia Highlights 2022
All the best moments and highlights from the Giro D'italia 2022 tour stages. International Cycling 2022.

This is not the first time you've been fed rubbish from SBS.


Without wishing to erode our Sunday afternoons with this I can assure you it is in my Sydney FTA EPG as well as a cross check with Foxtel and yourTV