Failure to schedule recording - not a recent repeat; Silent Witness 31-01-21

Started by IanL-S, February 01, 2022, 08:55:36 AM

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Last night my Toppys and T2 did not record the episode of Silent Witness, "And then I Fell in Love". It was originally scheduled for the previous Monday but was not transmitted because of the tennis. Unfortunately, as the recording took place (as it was a late "schedluing" change), last nights transmission was not recorded. Fortunately my backup T2 which is not currently using IceTV recorded the program.

While I do not expect the scheduling team to pick up such last minute changes, procedures should be put in place when information about the late change to transmission are reported on the forum. I reported that the tennis recorded, and that the episode had been rescheduled for last night. The IceTV schedule was upated for the episode change. Unfortunately, the data base was not updated to remove the episode from listing of recent transmission.

This may well be the first time this has happend - it is the first time I can recall seeing it.

Edit: The best way to deal with this difficult to idnetify issue would to be have a sticky thread in the IceTV EPG Content part of the forum where uses can report this, allowing the the data base to be updated - manually as I can see no way of automating the process.

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