Topfield 7100+ Odd behaviour

Started by IanL-S, February 13, 2021, 03:41:45 PM

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I am getting a lot (much, much more than usual) emails about one or other of my 2 7100+ being unable to schedule a downlaoded timer. The error message is "Message from recorder:   TASK_MSG_INVALID_SERVICE"

The only good news is that I am not now seeing multiple timers as the same time (one of which was successfully downloaded).

I am not seeing this with the 2400 so I wonder if it is something specific to the 7100+. The firmware on the 7100+ (1.10.00, 18-11-13) is much older than that on the 2400 (2.16.00, 19-01-16) which could explain the diferent behaviour.

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