Missing Show on ABC Wednesday 27 Jan

Started by Allan, January 22, 2021, 09:27:53 AM

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I know I'm in the wrong place but I use it so rarely.

The ABC are advertising a new show "After Taste" for this coming Wednesday and I cannot find it on IceTV.

Also "New series" doesn't seem to have any new updates. My mobile and web site aren't reflecting save info. ie Destination Flavour - Scandinavia: Bitesize for Friday 22nd is missing on my mobile. That is last item on web and 20th is laste entry on the phone.

GaiO IceTV

Hi Allan,
Thanks for your note. According to information I have received the new programme 'Aftertaste' is actually commencing on Wednesday 3rd February and will certainly be marked as Coming Soon.  The 'New Series' feature is currently suffering some technical issues but will be updated soon.
Thanks for your patience.
Regards Gai


Hello Gai

Thank you for the quick reply