Is IceTV a 7 day EPG, or 5 day EPG ?

Started by chopper, October 08, 2019, 09:41:58 PM

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Thank you for providing the EPG, I rely on it.

It used to be a 7 day EPG, however I notice that lately it's become a 5-day EPG (for Adelaide) with circa 50% content for day 6 and less for day 7.

Is this the new norm ?



Hi chopper,  you mentioned in your first post 44 Adelaide but you are in Melbourne? Re your second post I'm guessing by "channel" 44 you mean C31 Melbourne which is LCN 44. C31 provides us the with data and are often late so the C31 EPG can shrink down to whatever future data they give us. We don't ignore the fact and chase them but if they don't respond we are somewhat powerless.


Hi again, "chopper",

One problem with forum posts v Support tickets is that we don't know whether your forum name "chopper" is the same as your IceTV username as there is no forum link to your IceTV account. Your forum email isn't present at all in our database and your IceTV username is different (after some digging around via my iPhone at about 9:30pm then my Mac at midnight!).  So my last reply re Melbourne is wrong but our difficulty re getting Adelaide ch 44 still applies in that we rely on their supply to us.  But forum posts re missing EPG data needs an easily identified IceTV identity so I/we can examine your account to see whether the problem is local to your PVR or a missing EPG data issue.  Nevertheless always post EPG issues in this forum.



Crikey, your after-hours time commitment is impressive (reminds me of when I was working) and no IceTV wasn't hacked. :)  "44 Adelaide" was indeed the aforementioned channel so, close but no initial cigar :)

OK, I was guessing the stations weren't all that helpful. 
For example this Tuesday on 7HD circa midday there's still 2 "to be advised". 
At the time of the initial post, circa 10 out of 20 Adelaide channels were affected, I notice they all have "day 6" data to midnight now, and "day 7" has no data in only 4 channels. 
Luck of the draw I suppose.

Yes, forum email was different, I just updated my forum profile to make it consistent with the EPG access account.


Hi Gordon,

Yes there are lots of TBAs right now as we can't be sure what is actually being aired and, if we have conflicting information or no information so we have to guess, we'd rather hold off as we don't want customers setting recordings that fail if the show is taken off air.  They will fill in as we become certain of the information.  Our Guide Team's job often resembles 'herding cats'!


This isn't just a problem with IceTV. The printed guide in the newspapers sometimes has TBAs, too. I noticed one in the Canberra Times guide just a couple of days ago.
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TBAs can be an issue for the Guide Team with some of them not dropping in until the afternoon of the nightly scheduled blank spot.

Currently, there are 15 pages of TBAs for the week ahead.



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