"Pointless" for the week 14-18 Jan 2019: mixture of first runs and repeats?

Started by digmans, January 12, 2019, 09:52:22 AM

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Pointless - 10 & 10HD Sydney - 14-18 Jan at 6:00pm
Mon/Wed/Thu are listed as first runs, and Tue/Fri are listed as repeats. Is this correct?
My PVR is a Beyonwiz T3.


In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Ten seemed to be mixing up first runs and repeats of Pointless. The repeats were often out of order, because the "carry-over" contestants from the "previous show" were often not contestants in the show that was actually the previously broadcast show. A number of those repeats were flagged by IceTV as first run.
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As far as I know, it's been all repeats for the past few weeks - even though IceTV flagged some of them as first run.
According to another online TV guide, the coming week is all first-run episodes.


Thanks for the heads up with Pointless. Yes, they were a little all over the place during the holiday period. I will check them going forward as I suspect they should be back in first-run mode.



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