Author Topic: NSW guide has Cycling: Tour De France ‘2018 - Stage 14 (Part 2, WA Only)’  (Read 971 times)

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I noticed that I was recording Cycling: Tour De France '2018 - Stage 14 (Part 2, WA Only)' on Viceland HD tonight.

This is obviously wrong because TDF coverage tonight is from 8:30pm on SBS HD.
It is also tagged WA only and I am in Region NSW-Orange/Dubbo.

It is also in the guide for tomorrow night (Sunday 6:30pm) as  Cycling: Tour De France ‘2018 - Stage 15 (Part 2, WA Only)’ and on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

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Whereas the WA guide doesn't have them, but it should :(

Last night's first part on VICELAND wasn't in the guide and thus no timer.

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Hi all,

This is now fixed, the WA changes where put into eastern states guide by mistake.

Thank you for the feedback,
IceTV Guide Team

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