XMLTV vs ICETV Products

Started by DeltaMikeCharlie, April 05, 2018, 04:17:25 PM

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On the web site, there are 2 subscription types described: "ICETV" and "XMLTV".  It's clear that XMLTV excludes the "full service" features of the more expensive ICETV service.  Using the ICETV service, I have been able to obtain data formatted in both XML and JSON.

Can you please confirm if the "XMLTV" service restricted to XML-formatted data, or if JSON-formatted data is also available?

Daniel Hall at IceTV

The XMLTV subscription can only access the XMLTV based feeds, that's all.

This cannot be used on IceTV Enabled PVR's that use the IceTV API's and does not include remote scheduling or IceTV based series recording.



Thanks Daniel.

So does XMLTV provide data according to this schema:

<!DOCTYPE tv SYSTEM "http://iceguide.icetv.com.au/iceguide/iceguide.dtd">

And ICETV according to this one?

<!DOCTYPE shows SYSTEM "http://iceguide.icetv.com.au/iceguide/shows.dtd">