PIMP not working

Started by mcarter, March 31, 2007, 07:32:14 PM

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PIMP seems to have suddenly stopped working for me. Attempts to check remote scheduling result in an odd message that "The tvtv account information is invalid." Program guide still updates without a problem. Running EyeTV 2.3.3. Any ideas?


Just an update. It seems that my automatically scheduled updates are working to some extent, although quite a few programs are marked as REC on PIMP but not scheduled for recording in EyeTV. However, I still can't manually check remote scheduling.


This is happening to me also. It appears to be able to update from PIMP at some point as the schedule gets programs eventually, but if I try to do it manually all I get is "The tvtv account information is invalid" - I also can not update the program guide manually, it just says "update failed, server returned error".

Daniel Hall at IceTV

The PIMP server itself will only allow one update per device every 15 minutes.

If the device tries a second time within the 15 minutes then it will get back a server error, or in the case of EyeTV and remote scheduling updates it gives back the false error of "The tvtv account information is invalid".

Each time an error is received though if you wait for about 15 minutes and try again and it will then go through.



Thanks. That makes sense but a more informative message would be helpful - perhaps the next version of EyeTV. I'm still finding the odd program is listed as REC on PIMP but not scheduled for recording on EyeTV. It is just occasional but enough that I have to manually compare schedules, kind of defeating the purpose of PIMP. Any ideas?