Star Wars Movies - Sundays @ 8.30pm?

Started by bodogbodog, October 13, 2017, 07:34:39 PM

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Channel 7 are going to be playing all 7 Star Wars movies on Sunday nights over the next 7 weeks - they're advertising them now - at the moment the guide is showing TBA
When you do pick it up will it be possible to make it a series - or will I need to setup a key word to capture them all?
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Hi there -

Many thanks for your note.

The guide was updated yesterday with the Star Wars movie that will be aired tonight.  Unfortunately, due to the way our database is set up we can't set the movies as a series.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the Star Wars marathon,


IceTV Guide Team Leader


If it's to be a keyword make sure its not just free text - star wars - or you'll get everything with star or wars! Use double quotes "xxx xxx"