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Started by GlenR, December 06, 2016, 10:08:53 PM

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For some time now a couple of things have bothered me with the channel logos from IceTV:

  • In Sydney the 7 network HD channel is a HD version of 7mate, yet the logo provided by IceTV is the plain channel 7 (main channel) logo - not even a HD variation. This can be confusing when scanning the guide as it looks like the standard channel 7, when it is actually 7mate HD. Can we get a more appropriate logo for this channel?
  • The SBS main channel logo is black. For 7MC the background of the logo area is black. SBS looks like it has no logo unless you look very close. Can something be done to make the SBS logo more visible?

Minor quibbles I know, but the the logos look really great and the effect is a bit let down by these two.

Given that this is my main issue with IceTV it should indicate how well it is otherwise running. Keep up the good work guys.