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Started by Tezza007, July 09, 2016, 09:37:01 AM

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You have "Adult Swim" and "Fish Centre" listed as 2 new shows starting on Nine. Fish Centre appears to be an episode name of Adult Swim


Freeview is showing the hour from 11.30pm as Adult Swim
Ourguide better lists each episode

11:30 pm Adult Swim
11:32 pm Robot Chicken Star Wars Special
12:00 am Aqua Teen Hunger Force
12:15 am Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law


Hi Tezza -

I was just in the process of responding to you about Adult Swim. 

For scheduling purposes, I'm going to make the Adult Swim brand name a 5 minute block (similar to how we brand Couch Time on Eleven) and then we can schedule the actual series by name and episode.  I'm in the midst of correcting now as it will be a regular Sunday night event.  You'll then see the Adult Swim branding taken out of the Coming Soon list.



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