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Started by petermatt1, March 10, 2016, 01:59:57 PM

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Although I have tried to contact IceTV by email and phone over the last 2 days they do not answer the phone nor respond to messages or emails - so much for "support".

My issue is that having only just resubscribed to IceTV after losing money on the previous company I am not getting the EPG for SBS channels for every day i.e. I had the programs for last Sunday but nothing for Mon - Fri and the programs up to 11:30pm for this Saturday coming.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this issue.

Peter Matthews


It would help if you gave the type of PVR. I have multiple Topfield units and a T2 (as a well as a SKIPPA) and have not had any problems in getting the SBS EPG data. What region are you located in? Have you check your setting to make sure that you have not blocked the sending of EPG data for SBS.

For a time I was not getting ABC2 data on some of my devices and then I remembered I had blocked it.

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Quote from: IanL-S on March 10, 2016, 03:11:58 PM
It would help if you gave the type of PVR.

Peter has Windows 7 Media Center which had stopped fetching the guide from IceTV a week ago (hence the guide running out). It resumed fetching the guide 30 minutes before Peter sent his email to IceTV late Tuesday.

As his Media Center resumed fetching the guide 2 days ago and Peter is not seeing a guide today it would seem that the channel mapping in Media Center got reset when the new channels started broadcasting last week, or the IceTV cache got corrupted.

Channel Mapping in Media Center:

Fixing a corrupt IceTV cache in Windows:

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