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Series Recordings for New Summer Series
« on: December 10, 2006, 10:04:25 AM »
Hi all

A subscriber has reported a problem with a series recording they set-up for the new show Vanished, namely that the program was called Vanished (USA 2006) when it first appeared in the IceGuide but is now simply titled Vanished.

As you know, our writers research and write original content for all shows on FTA commercial networks. Program titles are often entered months ahead of schedule in anticipation of future screenings on Australian TV. This was the case with Vanished, which was entered as Vanished (USA 2006) some time ago. Unfortunately, the reference point (ie. the information in brackets) was deleted after, rather than before, the program had been scheduled for its very first screening. My apologies but the writer was unaware of this because scheduling and writing are, by necessity, kept as separate and distinct processes when creating the IceGuide.

I don’t anticipate any other problems. However, if you recently set up a series recording for a new non-ratings period TV show (see list below) you might wish to double check that the series recording is okay.


Outrageous Fortune
Life Begins
In Justice
Life As We Know It
The Loop
Stand Off
Men In Trees
Wild At Heart
Complete Savages
The Inside

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