Started by csutak40, February 21, 2016, 10:15:21 PM

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This is more out of curiosity, than anything.

Just got an email:
Show Name:    The Bold And The Beautiful
Channel:    Ten Digital
Time:    2016-02-26 16:30:00
Duration:    30
Device Label:    Win7
Device Type:    Microsoft Windows 7
Message from recorder:    Failed - Not found in EPG
Last Updated:    2016-02-21 16:55:52

So, I opened up the webpage, rescheduled the timer and it now seems to be OK, but I don't understand what "not found in EPG" means?
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I think it means that it couldn't find it on your device in the EPG.
To me it indicates that your device hasn't refreshed its Guide Data recently enough to have the program in it.
If you reschedule it and the guide has been updated in the meantime, it will succeed in rescheduling.
I had the same thing happen yesterday with recording the NEWS for Friday night.  It's almost like the programs were released a bit early.
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