Problem with IceTV EPG coming up blank

Started by Tubbs, December 15, 2015, 12:41:29 PM

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Anyone had any issues with the IceTV EPG coming up blank.

I have tried to power down the Humax, switch to the inbuilt EPG (which works) and back to IceTV EPG, goes through ok, but when I go to the EPG all the programs just show as blank.

I have tried to reach out for IceTV support but nto heard a thing, pretty poor form and not sure if this is the level of support I can expect since the liquidation.

Anyone else had any experience or have a fix?



Dave at IceTV

Did you send an email from the website and forget to fill in the email address field? We've getting quite a few emails asking for help but we have no idea who they are from.

Switching to the inbuilt Humax EPG was a bad idea. When you do get it connected to your IceTV subscription the Humax may delete all of your series recordings from your IceTV account.

You mention liquidation so I trust you have subscribed in the last month and are not assuming any subscription you had before Oct 10 still exists.

You don't mention whether the Humax has access to the Internet or not. Check if you can access YouTube.


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