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Started by GlenR, February 19, 2016, 08:13:21 PM

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IceTV on my Win7 Media Center keeps changing the mapping of Channel 92 - GEM to the guide for 9HD. I manually have changed it a number of times to link 92 to Gem-IceTV, but within a few minutes it changes itself back to 9HD-IceTV. Channel 90 is also (correctly) mapped to 9HD-IceTV.

How do I make sure that 92 displays the GEM giude, not 9HD?

Dave at IceTV

If you haven't rescanned the channels since late November then that should be your first step. I would actually suggest uninstalling IceTV Interactive, scan the channels and then re-install IceTV Interactive. Hopefully that would assign the channels to their correct IceTV guide channels for you.

Otherwise you will need manually set the correct guide channel for the affected channels:


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