IceTV Crashing

Started by GlenR, November 20, 2015, 05:40:40 PM

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I have one of my WMC PCs constantly losing the guide, and when I check the IceTV program has crashed. Today when I restarted the guide downloaded and then the WMC XML loader crashed. Attached is a screenshot of the errors in the IceTV program log.

I'm running V3.0.0.36

Any ideas what the issue may be?


Dave at IceTV

I just checked my Media Center and sure enough I got an error. Though my result was different to yours as I got a "Windows Media Center MXF Loader has stopped working" error. IceTV Interactive didn't crash but it's log had the same errors as yours. And the guide had loaded okay.

In IceTV Interactive's log I noticed a lot of lines about mapping GEM to LCN 90 and LCN 92, and mapping GO! to LCN 99 and LCN 93. So I edited the channel listings in Media Center for GEM 92 and GO! 93 to copy the guide data from GEM 90 and GO! 99.

Then I cleared the log in IceTV Interactive and clicked on Sync Now and there were no errors... though the channel mapping entries came back shortly after.

It could have been the same ABC2 guide data issue that was affecting Topfield 7100s, that was fixed late today.


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