Cannot Set Recordings from Guide after Firmware Update [Solution]

Started by Dave at IceTV, June 19, 2015, 05:09:34 PM

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Dave at IceTV

A number of customers have reported that after updating their Topfield to the new 2015 firmware they can no longer set recordings from the guide by pressing OK twice or pressing Record. Turning the Topfield off at the rear switch for a minute does not help.

The solutions is to do a factory reset.

  • Save your settings: 'Menu > Installation > System Recovery > Store System Data > Yes'
  • Reset to Factory Defaults: 'Menu > Installation > System Recovery > Factory Setting > Yes'
  • Restore your settings: 'Menu > Installation > System Recovery > Recover System Data > Yes'
Now check that IceTV is still enabled:

  • Enable IceTV: 'Menu > Settings > IceTV'
  • Select 'User Info' and enter the PIN code (0000 or 2606)
  • Scroll down to the bottom to "OK" and press OK
  • You should see the message "Login Successful"

If the above does not fix it you will need to do a reset again but this time do NOT restore your saved settings.

Customer Service


This looks like corrupt settings that frequently happens when installing firmware dated March 2014 or later. The main manifestation is that the output is stuck on 576i (see The first thing I would try is to reset service list, power down the Toppy and when it powers up do a new service scan. If you did not do a new service scan after the firmware installation, you may need to repeat this process.

I reported this problem to Topfield Australia in October 2014 but it still has not been sorted.

Hope this helps


PS Dave, I have been unable to track down the 2015 firmware. I spoke to Topfield Australia Technical Support a day or two back and they knew nothing of this firmware. My 2400s give a Network Error message when I try internet update (at least they did a day or so back); I do not have internet firmware update issues with other Toppys.
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