All timers are an hour late

Started by Gregmw, April 09, 2015, 02:03:28 PM

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Since the change in day light saving last weekend - all the timers are out of sequence by an hour on my TRF 2400.

The time on the unit is correct - and the time on the ICE TV EPG is correct, but when I go into my recording schedule on the unit - every thing is set for an hour late.

Any ides

Leon K

Hi Greg,

The Topfield 2400 needs it's timers to be cleared and resent from IceTV to match the new clock on the Topfield - as unfortunately the 2400 doesn't automatically update it's timers when the clock changes -

Please follow the steps here:

There is a video on that page to guide you through the process too..

However any timer that is made from today onwards (5 days after the daylight changeover, will have it's time set correctly)


Thanks Leon
I appreciate  that




One thing to note is that for Toppys with newer firmware you do not need to do a factory reset, merely do a service reset. Edit I had not realised that the guide had been updated to replace factory reset with service reset.

The problem is not with IceTV but the way the Toppys stores the IceTV timers, which differs to the way they are stored for free-to-air timers. If you use free-to-air EPG and set daylight saving to On the Toppy automatically adjusts the timers (they are apparently stored in using GMT). However, the Topfield engineers have apparently done things differently with IceTV which uses local time (GMT+offset+daylight saving offset).

It would be possible for the Topfield Engineers to change this behaviour, but they seem to have (temporarily?) lost interest in IceTV.

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