Topfield 5000 EPG problem

Started by GeorgeC, September 23, 2014, 11:34:18 AM

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Since the channel changes here in Tassie, I rescanned the channels and I pick up the new channels however, my Topfield does not show any EPG data. ICETV EPG is blank and when I press GUIDE I get the message "no EPG data found". I have checked the various ini files and can see that the "services.ini" shows different data to that when I rescanned. e.g. ABC shows as 41 whereas in the services.ini shows ABC as "Channel_id=46". All the other channels are different too. How do I update all the data in the services.ini file (frequency, service_id, etc.)? I have attached the services.ini file.

Any help appreciated.

PS: I still use my Toppy as the Humax has been fraught with problems from the get go and now the HDD appears to be failing with recordings not showing up in Media and recordings failing.




What was the cure? Could be useful to others.


I rechecked all the *.ini files and made sure they were all in sync.