Beyonwiz T3 - incorrectly adding rather than updating EPG entries

Started by Chuckles, October 01, 2014, 03:30:45 PM

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Another bug currently evident with the IceTV integration on the Beyonwiz T3 is that updates to EPG entries are often resulting in additional entries in the EPG rather than updating the existing entry.

The attached screenshot of this evening's guide for ELEVEN shows several examples, e.g.

  • The same episode of Futurama is shown for both 20:00 and 20:05
  • The same episode of The Late Late Show... is shown for both 23:35 and 20:40
  • The same episode of Everybody Loves Raymond is shown for both 00:30 and 00:35
  • The same episode of The King of Queens is shown for both 01:00 and 01:05

Starting to see a pattern there....?

After observing this issue last week I disabled the IceTV plugin then re-enabled it and re-downloaded the EPG - the refreshed data was nice and clean but has steadily been polluted since with results as illustrated above.


There is an update available to improve IceTV functionality, including client side padding.

Available now either as an online update or USB upgrade image.